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Absurd Bag #5

Project Type


Conceptual / Experimental

2022 - 2023

silinder triple_perspective.jpg

Absurd Bag HI #5

Solid mass for tech lovers

When I designed Absurd Bags, I first imagined the fashion style to match with bags. Absurd Bag HI #5 is for somewhat formal outfit in a city life.

This bag is fill with mass with high-tech looking metal parts on each sides. Can't find opening? No.. but it has a large data storage capacity.

5 AB5_ U1.png

Absurd Bag AI #5

The point I wanted to show through Absurd Bag HI #5 was simple but bold mass with symbolic metal parts. Here's what AI tried.

5 AB5_ U1.png


An abstract form of horizontal three slightly different sized cylinders, vertically merged together, translucent. Each side, thin metal parts are encapsulating the cylinders. Light grey background, half-sided view.

Number of Trials: 5

Prompt - V4 - U4 - Zoom out 1.5X - U1


Although AI made the material the other way around, I would say the overall shape was pretty close to my original design. I felt Absurd Bag AI #5 showed a good finishing, but my opinion is on other point. AI made a nice result, but the shape resembles some kind of mechanical parts, which doesn't require efforts to imagine a new from from a scratch. I think I could have a sense what AI is good at.

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