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"So, can you design?"

Who's the designer? Could the images AI created be called design? The process of making AI to generate the form I wanted was not easy, but I got some good results to some extent. I wondered whether AI could design to find answers to fundamental questions that I asked myself at the first place. So, I asked AI the question I had when I started this project.

2 Epilogue2_U3.png

Trial 1

Prompt: "A bag design in Metaverse"


I tried AI to create an image of a bag for Metaverse. The result is a typical bag just in a virtual background.

OK, next trial.

Trial 2


"An abstract form of an absurd bag"


I changed the sentence and asked AI to make an 'absurd bag', not just a 'bag'. What I got was just an odd form of bag. Far from my purpose, but nice try.

Trying again.

1 epilogue2_U4.png
2 epilogue3_U2.png

Trial 3

Prompt: "An absurd bag"


A pile of bread in a clear bag...

I thought this one was fun, and made me wonder if AI can understand what's right and what's odd in the reality. Can it understand the context?


There were some bad tries and some OK tries, but all were basically in a form of typical bags.


I see you are good at generating high quality images, but creativity wise? I'd say not yet.

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