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What is the next design?

There are methods and processes for good designs that I learnt from my career. But, like everyone else, I'm feeling and witnessing a rapid change. Absurd Bag is a project to explore my personal curiosity to understand strengths as a human designer which I would call HI (Human Intelligence), and to discover the ability and usefulness of AI (Artificial Intelligence).


Absurd Bag

This project started with my love of small bags with fun forms. In particular, the fact that carrying something in an interesting form was a great fascination that bags could be like art objects and functional products at the same time.

But what's the point of putting things in a virtual world like in Metaverse? I started Absurd Bag project, designing bags that don't reflect any physical principles of the real world, with the idea that value of bags would become completely different in a virtual world.

Real World


You put things in a bag in the morning. Sometimes you miss to put something and get embarrassed that you're not carrying something you need. Bags has to be big enough to contain all the stuffs you need for the day. They become heavy and sometimes get stolen when they are not closed tightly.



If you could secure data safely, then you are holding all you need in Metaverse. In Metaverse, the idea of bags become totally different. How much bags could carry inside is not important any more. Bags would just function as fashion items close to the idea of accessories. What form you carry matching with your outfits is only  what's important.

Artificial Intelligence

What? I mean, Who?

I know AI is technically good at generating images, but can it also be creative? Can AI have an ability of design? It is worthy to explore what AI is good at and what the limits are, and analyze what kind of human ability remains precious. Do you think this kind of experiment makes AI to learn even more? AI will learn things fast no matter how.


Human Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

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