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Absurd Bag #1

What is the function of a bag? Carrying things inside? Well, that is just the case only in the reality. In Metaverse, you don’t actually have to carry objects. There’s no weight, no saggy bags, and no need to worry about forgetting to put things in your bag in the morning. There are only fun shapes. Absurd Bags are just to match with your outfit. So, don’t say Absurd Bags are absurd, because they make a total sense in Metaverse. 

Project Type

Conceptual / Experimental


2022 - 2023


Absurd Bag HI #1

Why carry stuff?

The first piece was to design the most symbolic shape of Absurd Bag that cannot have inside space to exaggerate the bag is not for reality. What kind of form has mass but no space inside?

My first trial is a spiral shape with a handle floating above. The handle tells this is a bag, but you can't store things inside. Absurd? No, you still can carry data.

4 AB1_u3.png

Absurd Bag AI #1

I wanted to see if AI could understand my purpose behind my first design. I tried to describe the form in words.

4 AB1_u3.png


An abstract orange colored 4-stepped spiral shape with a light blue arch on top floating in a light yellow background

Number of Trials: 4

Prompt - U1 - Vary (Strong) - U3


AI tried to picture the sentence nicely, but the shape was not close to my purpose. It also happens among human like when you hear something and you interpret it differently. Maybe I'll have to describe in more detail next time I try.

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