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Absurd Bag #2

Project Type

Conceptual / Experimental



bubble front.jpg

Absurd Bag HI #2

Liquid full bag

Fill the bag with anything, like, water. Why not? Nobody said you have to carry only something dry.

Imagine you are walking on a street on a very hot summer day by a beach. Wouldn't it be fun to carry something like this water full bag?

8 AB2_u3.png

Absurd Bag AI #2

I wanted to have simple and refined shape of bubbles or water drops. Let's see what AI drew.

8 AB2_u3.png


An abstract form of floating various sized clear bubbles filled with blue liquid merging together in a light blue background.

Number of Trials: 8

Prompt - V4 - Too Strong, went back to the 1sh trial, V1 - Too subtle, went tack to the 1st trial, U4 - Vary (Subtle) - U3 - Zoom out 1.5X - U3


The image AI made was just like the random bubble images that we could see in many photographs or ads. AI is good at regenerating images that could be found in the internet. Because of that, AI didn't show a new kind of image that the word "bubble" could look like.

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