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Absurd Bag #11

Project Type

Conceptual / Experimental


2022 - 2023

엉킴_두겹 front2.jpg

Absurd Bag HI #11

Golden threads weaving the air

I wanted to create a simple but free form avoiding conservative and standardized shape. Only using one nice material, I tried to design a form that creates a conceptual space inside.

Using two pieces of golden threads loosely winded, enclosing precious invisible data inside. The point of this design is that there is a separation of inside and outside space.

12 AB11_U2.png

Absurd Bag AI #11

There is a specific way of winding I wanted. Hoped to see a similar shape made by AI.

12 AB11_U2.png


An abstract form thin bronze wire loosely coiled, long spring shape, light brown background, side view.

Number of Trials: 12

Prompt - Prompt change - Prompt change - U4 - Vary (Strong) - Prompt change - Prompt change - Went back to the 6th trial, redo - Redo - Redo, U3 - Zoom out 1.5X - U2


The material and the overall formative characteristics were close, but AI didn't make a loose winding. I tried to refine the sentence several times, but it kept showing too tight winded objects. But, during the process, I witnessed it did a quite of good job making new forms. 

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