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Absurd Bag #10

Project Type

Conceptual / Experimental


2022 - 2023

cups perspective.jpg

Absurd Bag HI #10

Containable container

Most of my Absurd Bags are design to be in forms that don't have space inside, in other words, not to function as reasonable bags in reality.

Absurd Bag HI #10 is the first one that has space to contain something inside. But as you could think, cups to be bags?

9 AB10_U3.png

Absurd Bag AI #10

Cups are very ordinary objects in everyday life. I hoped to see how AI reinterpret the idea of cups to create a new reconstructed form.

9 AB10_U3.png


An abstract form of five different sized cylinder cups attached together, round bottom, translucent blue, light grey background.

Number of Trials: 9

Prompt - U1 - Vary (Strong) - U4 - Vary (Strong) - Went back to the 4th trial, Vary (Subtle) - U1 - Zoom out 1.5X - U3


I was sort of surprised to see how close AI made this time, not like the other versions. Still there are points that don't match with my purpose, but it depicted the geometry and the material pretty close.

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