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Absurd Bag #8

Project Type

Conceptual / Experimental


2022 - 2023

구불구불 perspective.jpg

Absurd Bag HI #8

Just full-grain, done.

Leather has four basic grains or qualities: full-grain leather, top-grain leather, genuine leather, and corrected-grain leather. Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable part of the animal hide.

Full grain leather is not altered during the tanning process and is, therefore, a very natural leather option. It is considered the highest quality leather. Absurd Bag HI #8 is made of just full grain leather.

12 AB8_U1.png

Absurd Bag AI #8

The form is simple as shown, but how could you describe? Would AI understand your purpose written in words?

12 AB8_U1.png


An abstract form of one long brown leather is piled up, the end of the leather has a metal stripe, light blue background, off the ground, wide angle, perspective.

Number of Trials: 12

Prompt - Prompt change - U2 - Vary (Strong) - V4 - U2 - Zoom out 2X - U4 - Went back to the 1st trial, V4 - U4 - Zoom out 1.5X - U1


I went through many trials for getting Absurd Bag AI #8, but I had to end up with the form not so close to my purpose. Again, I realized AI could create a nice quality image, but no creativity. Relieved? For now. You never know.

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