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Absurd Bag #9

Project Type

Conceptual / Experimental


2022 - 2023

angles2 perspective.jpg

Absurd Bag HI #9

Destruction and assembly

I kept reminding myself of the initial purpose of this project to design bags for Metaverse: defining a fundamentally different value a bag gets, which allows to emphasize to explore unique forms.

I wanted to make a form consists of simple elements but creates a strong character. Absurd Bag HI #9 is the one that could become a different form depends on the angles and numbers of elements.

11 AB9_U4.png

Absurd Bag AI #9

As I go though versions, I started to have a sense of the scope of AI's ability.

11 AB9_U4.png


An abstract form of a black long box composed by different angles of boards, the thickness of boards are white, black background.

Number of Trials: 11

Prompt - Prompt change - Prompt change - V4 - U4 - Vary (Strong) - Went back to the 3rd trial, U1 - Vary (Strong) - U1 - Zoom out 1.5X - U4 


The point of Absurd Bag HI #9 is to show a destructive but refined form with color details on edges. The black rectangular box was one of my purpose, but AI couldn't created the angular parts. My initial trial with the word "card" kept showing poker cards. I realized that using a noun that refers to a particular object shows a limitations in getting away of the stereotypical images associated with the word.

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